About CryptoFund

The Fund was created to implement management technologies with an immaculate track record in classical finance combined with rapidly growing crypto assets, and realize their fantastic potential.

Classic trading Blockchain Neural networks PROFIT

For investors, CryptoFund is a chance to enter the investment business with minimal funds and make money on the technologies that are used by all modern hedge funds. Here you'll get your share from the Fund's commission fees for entry and management.

We make crypto investments available for everyone!


Equity and portfolio structure

CryptoFund was launched on July 19th, 2017

  • Equity in USD (for reference)
  • Equity in BTC

How CryptoFund works

Now the Fund accepts money in BTC, and our next target is to accept USD and ETH.

The price of tokens doesn't depend on the cash flow of the Fund unlike the Ponzi scheme. Every time the buyer sends Bitcoins to the Fund's wallet, we issue tokens at the current fund price, which is calculated at 0.00 GMT on a daily basis.

According to the fund's structure, at any given moment all the tokens are backed with 100% of crypto assets under management.

The received funds are invested in basic ratios taking into account the risk-return tradeoff.

Fund's investment strategy

Invest Strategy

under the algorithmic control

Assets: top-20 crypto assets with strong fundamentals
Goal: maximum return on investment from blockchain and crypto technologies growth
Risks: low

Active trading

Assets: crypto assets, futures and options
Goal: additional profit not tied to the crypto market growth due to active trading
Risks: moderate

ICO and PRE-ICO participation

Assets: tokens launched with ICO and pre-ICO
Goal: profit from growth owing to the team's ability to evaluate assets correctly
Risks: high

crypto-Fund tokens

What is a CryptoFund token

  • cryptoFund - the share of the investment company which grants the right to share profits from entry fee (5%) and success fee (20%)
  • btcFund - bitcoin-nominated cryptoassets pie. (Launched in July 2017)
  • ethFund - smart-contract based Ethereum-assets decentralized pie (Dec 2017)
  • usdFund - regulated USD-nominated crypto fund (2018)
  • exchangeFund - distributed fund, managing multiple crypto-exchange accounts (2018)

Token specification

cryptoFund token is based on internal accounting now and will be transferred to ERC20 Ethereum smart-contract (ticker:DACF) in February 2018.

btcFund token is based on internal accounting.

ethFund token is Ethereum-based smart-contract with ERC20 interface.

Token distribution

  • Founders - 25%
  • Bounty - 10%
  • Investors - 65%

Profit payment procedure

Entry fee is paid immediately when investor buys pie, dividends are paid out every time the fund's profit reaches 20%.

What additional benefits does the token provide?

  • analytics in personal account;
  • the right to participate in monthly online meetings, where the results of the fund are analyzed;
  • the right to vote on the Fund issues at general voting;
  • the right to vote on other issues such as portfolio management (available to holders of a certain number of tokens).

cryptoFund tokens emission

3 mln

cryptoFund Basic rate

pre-ICO: 1 token = $0,5 Minimal investment = 1 BTC/10 ETH
ICO: 1 token = $1 Minimal investment : 0.1 BTC or 1 ETH

What else

Github with our ML framework for crypto-assets analysis! DACF ERC20 token and ethFund smart-contact are on the way

Advantages of CryptoFund

Advantages of CryptoFund


The investments distribution between various marketplaces and instruments minimizes possible losses.

Advantages of CryptoFund

High-Tech Portfolio Management

The basis is rebalancing through self-learning neural networks.

Advantages of CryptoFund

Active trading and fundamental analysis

Experience in financial markets and classical financial knowledge can be applied to the crypto environment.

Advantages of CryptoFund

Minimizing the risks

Focusing on risk minimization, we reduce market, counterparty, and technological risks.

Advantages of CryptoFund


We further increase the transparency of the blockchain, fully disclosing the Fund's activities: the investor sees wallets, other customers and transactions.


Algorithmic trading


Neural networks


Machine learning




Alexander Boiarintsev



Katerina Kondratenko



Eugene Koinov



Emiel Masyn

Mobile application team chief, Belgium



Georgiy Verbitsky

Portfolio Strategy Advisor

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